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The 2004-2005 Snowcross Racing Season is here!

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6'0 - 170 - born 7.21.69 Born: Spooner WI

Troy started his professional Snocross racing career in 2000.

The fact that troy hails from Webb Lake, Wisconsin probably has something to do with that, but one thing is for sure. He's a heckva nice guy and hella'va Snocross racer! Before his focus on racing WSA Snocross his primary goals were yearly quarter mile runs, The Waterskips at Yellow Lake, WI, setting up his annual Birthday Bash (The River Rats) and riding recreationally.

After a small cash infusion for hardware, his race career started off with a shot. Although injured halfway through a winning first season in 2000-2001, the next season held high hopes. 2002 treated Troy well too. 2003-2004 was even better landing on a solid 4th place in WSA final standings. By getting the team conditioned earlier in the season and getting the gear prepared the 2004-2005 season should be fantastic. Join us!

 To learn more about upcoming events and to see Troy race, click here for our WSA racing schedule!

 To learn what type of equipment it takes to run a winning team, check out the race team equipment list here.

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Sean Schaaf, born 7-13-73, age 31, grew up in Webb Lake, Wisconsin. Snowmobiling for 20+ years. He is single and the owner of a masonry company in Danbury, Wisconsin. Son, Sean enjoys all outdoor activities and spending time with his son Logan, 2 1/2 years old.
To learn more and to see Sean race, click here for the schedule!
To learn what type of equipment it takes to run a winning team, check out the race team equipment list here.

  Carl Meister
Chief Mechanic/Technician

 Steve Zimerman
Mechanical Technician

Michael R. Swan Design Services
 Michael Swan
Design Services/ Public Relations / Photography

John Swan, Eric Shueble, Rod Vener, Mary Rooney, Bill and The Obert Grrrls.

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