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Please learn more about how the make the world better and have fun at the same time. The associations and organizations listed below are just a few of the many great groups forwarding the snowmobile experience. The enjoyment of a snowmobile and touring the great outdoors is an incredible experience and making the sport fun is our business.

World Snowmobile Association

Michigan Snowmobile Drag Racing Association Wisconsin Kitty Cat Racers Canadian Snowcross Racing Association

Worldwide Leader in Snowmobile Racing

The WSA is a governing body that organizes, promotes, and regulates a variety of snowmobile competitions. These competitions include the popular Snocross series, along with the emerging Hillcross series, Watercross and the exciting Extreme Ice series.

The WSA was created to help racers, manufacturers, and sponsors benefit from the rapidly expanding sport of professional snowmobile racing. Our mission is to bring the sport of snowmobile racing to its highest level. We strive to bring sponsors, racers, manufacturers, fans, and a worldwide television audience the most organized, visible, dedicated, and respected circuit in the industry.

Snocross is todays most popular form of snowmobile racing with its high-flying aerial displays and short-track, which makes it both spectator and television friendly. A Snocross track features tight turns, banked corners and a variety of bumps allowing racers to catch "big air" in full view of spectators.

World Snowmobile Association

The Michigan Snowmobile Drag Racing Association in its 13th year was created to organize the sport of professional snowmobile drag racing. Over the years the MSDRA has become the strongest race organization in North America and continues to enhance the sport. The MSDRA was the founding organization that started many of the classes that are used today in the snowmobile racing industry. Our enthusiastic staff, and the MSDRA members play a crucial role in the success of the organization and we welcome everyone to experience the thrills of being part of a winning team.

Kitty Cat snowmobiles and children

In 1991 the Wisconsin Kitty Cat Racers had a display at the huge Oconomowoc Snow-Show in Wisconsin. This display was exclusively for Kitty Cat snowmobiles and children. The show got a lot of attention from new racing members and support from various business's. Wisconsin Kitty Cat Racers can boast a big beginning by being the first organized racing group in Wisconsin and also the first children racing organization to have a display at the Sno-Show.

It has taken a lot of time, work, and money to get this off the ground, but when you see the kids smile when they look into there goody bags and there trophies and huge hugs from the Moms and Dads after the race. It's worth it!! I have worked as a mechanic in snowmobile racing and most of the drivers won't give each other the time of day.

The kids love to go racing each week, mostly to see there racing friends. This type of atmosphere we want for our kids. If you've never had this experience come and watch the Wisconsin Kitty Cat racers this winter. You'll be impressed!!!!!!! I also have made some new friends and I have to say thanks to our directors, spotters, and flag persons.

Wisconsin Kitty Cat Racers

They are in the process of rebuilding the CSRA website..

More information to follow...

Canadian Snowcross Racing Association
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